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Washington Borough
Green Team


The Washington Borough Green Team was formed in 2013.  We immediately began work on projects to promote sustainability. The committee was officially established as part of the Borough government, by ordinance in July of 2017, allowing us to work in conjunction with the Washington Borough Council, Mayor, Borough Manager, and Washington Business Improvement District (WBID).

Sustainably Green Music and Arts Fest

The Sustainably Green Music & Arts Fest (green festival) is held annually, the 3rd Saturday of June; which kicks off our seasonal 

Washington Borough Farmers' Market, and runs through the end of September / early October, depending on the first frost. 




The Green Team often collaborates with local businesses to promote our downtown and local shopping in support of our local economy!  We are also developing a trail system at Shabbecong Mountain Preserve, an 80-acre wooded Borough owned property with small streams, wetlands and boulders.  At this time, there is a two-mile trail and more trails planned for development.  Wildlife abounds in this serene environment.  Hiking and mountain biking activities will be accommodated.  Anyone interested in helping with trail development and maintenance should contact us.  Information below.

Certifications and Awards

In 2019, we led the efforts to obtain Sustainable Jersey Bronze Certification, a 3-year designation awarded by The College of New Jersey Sustainability Institute*.  We achieved recertification in 2022. The Green Team has also been awarded three Sustainable Jersey $2,000 grants to improve our Farmers' Market, and for plantings of native species at the Shabbecong and Veteran's Parks.  We were recognized by the Karen Nash Memorial Butterfly Garden in 2019 for our commitment and volunteerism to the greater Washington community.  And, in April of 2021 we were recognized as a Community Partner by the Washington BID.


Get Involved!

We hold monthly meetings which are advertised in the Washington Messenger and on the Washington Borough website; usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Borough Hall, 100 Belvidere Avenue, 1st floor conference room at 5:30pm(October thru April) or at Veterans' Park (May thru September) as we do weeding/clean-up, planting, mulching and watering to maintain the Park.  We are a passionate and committed group of volunteers.  More volunteers are always needed!

Please contact:

Gary Pohorely, chairperson


Josephine Noone, vice chairperson at

Suzi Marr


Melanie Thiel, Executive Director of the BID,


or by phone at 908.689.4800

*Sustainable Jersey began as an informal partnership that has evolved and been shaped by the contributions and perspectives of many. In 2006, The College of New Jersey was funded by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to create a “Sustainable Communities Leadership Network.” The network was tasked with supporting municipal progress toward sustainable development by identifying best practices, facilitating peer to peer learning, developing metrics to judge performance and providing direct technical support and training. Around the same time, a group of mayors at the New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) was coming together to form a “green mayors” group that would work to support similar activities. Concurrently, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities were also working on sustainable community related initiatives. 

The four parties agreed to come together under one banner and began to collaborate on the program that eventually became Sustainable Jersey. After more than a year of intensive work, the Sustainable Jersey program took final form and was launched in February of 2009. In Winter 2011/2012, Sustainable Jersey evolved from a partnership into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a Board of Trustees.

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