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Washington Business Improvement District

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DR. NANCY GREWAL:  West Washington Family Dentistry,    Business Owners Who Own Their Property

Hi I’m Dr. Nancy Grewal I would like to be the member of the Board in the Borough of Washington.

A small briefing about me. I graduated from NYU, New York with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in year 2002. As a fresh graduate out of school I was wondering around NJ and there I found Washington.

In pursuit of my carrier I ended up acquiring a practice in town which was established in 1999 and became a business owner in 2002.

Ever since, I have been in the town providing Dental Services to the best of my ability to the community in the Stovers building. In 2005 I acquired the property at 1-7 East Washington Ave. After acquiring the building I expanded the practice and not only grown as a better person but also giving employment to more than 10 people, who work with me at the office.

Yes, it has been 17 years since I have been in Washington. I love the town which has given me and my family so much to grow. I love the community and the people who live here. I sincerely feel it is time for me to give something back to the town which has welcomed me with the open arms and helped me to establish myself as a Dentist. I would like to take this opportunity to become a Board member and be an active member in the community to build this town, so that it would be the most welcoming town in the state of New Jersey.

Thank you.

Dr. Nancy Grewal, D.D.S

Bob Dell Elba: Full Financial Group Keller Williams Real Estate,  Business Owners Who Own Their Property

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ELLEN PERKINS: Gaia’s Gifts,    Business Owners Who Are Tenants in the Assessed Property

Ellen Perkins has been a WBID Board member for the last three years and currently serves as Board President.  She owns her own retail business called Gaia's Gifts that opened in 2015 after working 30 years as a Bookkeeper/ Office Manager.  With the experience, she decided to open her own business, choosing Washington as a great place to "give it a try".  Earlier this year, Gaia's Gifts expanded to a larger location in Washington.  With the expansion, Gaia's Gifts offers health and wellness classes and one-on-one sessions with qualified therapists and instructors, bringing a much needed service for personal growth to the community.

CHRISTI RADCLIFFE:   Your CBD Store,   Business Owners Who Are Tenants in the Assessed Property

I, Christi Radcliffe, come from a background rich in business experience from sales, to marketing, to building my own two businesses in the last year, one of them in our town.Having worked in many different business settings all over the country I developed a thorough understanding of what it is to run a business and the importance of being in close touch with my community. Living in Washington, NJ with my husband, Brad Radcliffe, has afforded me the unique opportunity to provide a valuable service for the people in my town that I run into on a daily basis. We are a town on the rise, with many new businesses being established to meet the needs of our population. We need to be in touch with these needs, and fall in stride with the changing community. As the demand for it increases, my main objective is to help people. It is a rewarding experience to be able to do that every day by offering a safe and verifiable CBD product in my store that can help many people attain a sense of balance and wellness, as I have been able to find in my own life. I wish to participate in the events of this town on the next level by being a part of the Business Improvement District and bringing new ideas and innovative thoughts to the table. Helping people is my passion, and my goal is to turn that passion into purpose, to benefit the people of this quiet little town. 

VINCENT IANNELLI, JR.:  Pasta Grill by Enzo,  Business Owners Who Are Tenants In The Assessed Property

Vincent Iannelli, Jr. better known as “Enzo” is the owner/manager of Pasta Grill by Enzo and Eazy Wash & Dry Laundromat.  He currently serves as Vice President of the Washington Business Improvement District.  Enzo is founding member and board president of Little Shepherds Early Learning Community,, a newly formed not for profit preschool/daycare in Washington Township.  Along with his commitments to business and our community, Enzo enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and coaching youth soccer. 

Marian Bredin Good Impressions Printing & Mailing,  Owners of Assessed Apartment or Commercial Property Who Are Landlords of the Property

Good Impressions Printing & Mailing

 Marian Bredin opened Good Impressions in 1977 in Hackettstown serving local businesses with offset printing and copying needs. It later expanded to Washington and added services such as design, mailing, full color digital printing, and large format posters and banners. Good Impressions has a strong niche in newsletters. Marian is the editor and publisher of two community newsletters—The Messenger—Hackettstown and Washington editions. In addition, they have produced The Panther, official newsletter of Panther Valley Property Owners Association for more than 30 years. Marian has belonged to the Hackettstown Rotary Club since 1985.

Marian and her husband George own the commercial building at 325 W. Washington Ave. in Washington where Good Impressions is located. In addition they rent commercial and residential space.

Angela Bridygham: Esoteric Jiu Jitsu Academy,    Professional Business Operators at Large

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