About Us

The Washington Business Improvement District (WBID) is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) formed as a legal self-governing body, funded through an assessment on business property. The WBID creates an environment where business and government can work together to promote opportunities, enhance the shopper’s experience, and preserve the cultural, historic, tourist, and civic interests of the district.

What Does the WBID Do?

The WBID Management Corporation is focused on Key Service Areas:

…Recruits business with the goal of filling all vacancies and meeting the needs of the community for products and services.

…Promotes the town, the businesses, and all Washington has to offer. Keeping everyone informed and involved is key to the BID’s success.

…Directs physical improvements and maintenance activities, such as expanded parking facilities, façade programs, attractive sidewalks, better signage, and working with the merchants to ensure customer-friendly policies like commonality of hours.

…Plans for future challenges and ensures the legality of all plans and projects.

…The BID performs all management and administration functions and implements the standards of performance expected by the community.